The present All Progressive Congress (APC) adminstration of ailing President Muhammadu Buhari have been described as that of waste and failed dreams for Nigerians who voted for him in the last presidential election.

The very damning midterm accessment was given in a statement issued by the National Chairman of Democratic People’s Congress (DPC), Rev Olusegun Peters, on Sunday.The chairman of the opposition political party also demanded a paradigm shift in the management of the country with a call on Acting President Yemi Osinbajo to muster courage and sack all cabinet ministers who are not performing on the job.

“Nigeria has been adrift in the past two years with economic recession, political upheavals, executive-legislature squabble, infrastructural decay, impunity and marginalisation of some sections of the country.

“Nigerians were abandoned again to wanderin the wilderness, expecting a messiah to lead them to the Promised Land where theywill be provided with abundant dividends of democracy.“It is a sad commentary in our quest for the enthronement of genuine democracy in Nigeria” he said.

However, the clegyman advised Acting President Yemi Osibanjo on how to improve governance by dissolving the Federal Executive Council of ministers and appointing competent Nigerians irrespective of political and religious affiliations to run the affairs of the nation.

“For decades, the recycling of old politicians has been the bane of effective governance in Nigeria. It is time to inject fresh blood in the Federal Executive Council and tame the cabal that has made good governance impossible in the country,” he said.

Continuing, the statement said,”The current crop of ministers is grossly incompetent to breathe fresh air to the governance of our great nation.All sectors of the economy, the party said, are in a shambles, with demands made on the government to sit up and do the needful.

“Nigerian roads have become death traps to thousands of road users across the country. Travelling by road has become a nightmare and short cut to eternity for many due to extremely bad highways.

“The Ministry of Power, Works and Housing has been redundant in the past two years as the hopes and aspirations of fellow citizens who yearn for better lives have been dashed.

“Nigerians are now forced to pay for electricity bills they did not consume and have more darkness than light in a month despite trillions of naira allotted for infrastructure.“The executive-legislature squabble is part of the democratic culture but should not beallowed to disrupt governance.

“While the National Assembly should not be a rubber stamp of the executive, partisan politics must give way for patriotism in addressing crucial national issues.“It is unfortunate that Nigeria does not have well equipped hospitals that meet international standards. Medical tourism in recent times for ailments that could have been treated in Nigeria is a major drain in our foreign exchange reserve.

“Billions of naira spent on foreign medical treatments could have been used to equip our dilapidated hospitals across the countrythat have become mere consulting clinics without drugs and equipment.The life of every Nigerian matters and should count in the overall national development plan,” the statement added.

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