A US teen’s tweet asking for a year’s supply of chicken nuggets from a fast food chain has broken the record for the most retweeted tweet.

The tweet, which broke Ellen DeGeneres’ record when he passed 3,430,249 retweets on Tuesday, was made by  Carter Wilkerson from Reno, Nevada.

On 5 April, the 16-year-old tweeted fast food Wendy’s asking how many retweets he would need to get a year’s free supply of chicken nuggets.

The fast food chain replied within a minute: “18 million.”

“Consider it done,” Mr Wilkerson replied.
He then posted a screenshot of the tweets with the call “HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS.”

Wendy’s also added that when Mr Wilkerson broke the record, it would donate $100,000 (£78,000) to charity.

The money will go to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, a US charity set up in 1992 by the founder of Wendy’s.
The charity works to find permanent homes for children in foster care.

And the company have fulfilled its promise, donating $100,000 (£78,000) to charity in his name.

The tweet quickly went viral, reaching 1 million retweets in two days.

It was shared by global companies including Apple Music, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Twitter itself, and celebrities including Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul.

Other companies replied to the teenager with their own offers, including United Airlines, which said it would fly him to a Wendy’s restaurant in any of the cities it serves.

Explaining, PR Week deputy editor John Harrington told British news outlet, the BBC,”the [PR] industry has a word for this type of activity: ‘brand-jacking'”.

“While not hugely original, it can be successful. It shows the importance of reacting quickly to trending topics on social media,” he added.

The record for the most retweets was previously held by Ellen DeGeneres, for her 2014 Oscars selfie.


The photo, which featured Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Spacey and Meryl Streep among others, had 2.1 million retweets by the end of the awards ceremony.

When Mr Wilkerson first published his tweet, hers had about 3.2 million retweets.

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