Italian company wants to build iPhone cases that can double as coffee machines.

The startup, Mokase, is crowdfunding for money to make the dream possible.

In an advertisement, it said it plans to build”the first multi-utility phone cover [that] supplies espresso coffee whenever you want.”

If it can raise £63,300 through crowdfunding, the company says it can turn a smartphone into your own personal pocket Starbucks.

Unfortunately, the idea seems to be in danger of been aborted, as crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, says that the team behind the concept haven’t been able to produce a prototype that meets their standards, allegedly having the campaign on their site suspended.

Mokase’s case involves an integrated heating system that would keep the piping hot coffee at between 50-60 degrees. Moreover, it could heat the liquid up in around eight seconds.

The beans themselves come from small Nespresso-style “wafers” that already contain the liquid coffee. You then just feed one of them into the side of the case and heat it up.

The Italian company doesn’t go into specifics about how it plans to pull off the case.


Instead, it just reassures would-be backers with the following:

“The project is in a very advanced phase. We have kept in touch with suppliers, prototyped, tested but the total investment goes beyond our possibility, that’s why we ask your help to complete the undertaking!”


Kickstarter hasn’t ruled out the idea completely and has said that Mokase will be allowed back onto the platform once it establishes a sufficient prototype.

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