North America neighbours, The United States, Canada and Mexico, are to make a bid to host the 2026 World Cup on Monday, according to source familiar with the decision.

The Confederation of North and Central America and Caribbean Association Football is moving ahead with the bid that was widely expected before Donald Trump was elected president.

There has been concern the plan was unworkable under Trump’s anti-immigrant policies, but even if he serves a second term Trump would not be president in 2026.

The confederation made the final decision to go ahead with the bid at its meeting Saturday in Aruba, the person said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the bid will not formally be announced until Monday in Manhattan.

In a news release, CONCACAF said the countries will be making a “historic announcement.”

A successful North American bid appears possible as FIFA had barred Europe and Asia from entering the 2026 race because those continents will have hosted the previous two tournaments and South American soccer leaders are hoping to host a centenary World Cup in 2030.

And bidding experts say privately that Africa is not a realistic option this time around.

Of potential concern to other soccer federations is how many automatic bids would be awarded to the three-way host.

FIFA is considering a plan in which CONCACAF would have six automatic berths, and the three co-hosts would get three of those under the proposal.

CONCACAF currently gets three automatic slots and its fourth-place team advances to a playoff for another.

In 2010, the United States lost in bids to host the 2018 (Russia) and ’22 (Qatar) World Cups, a process discredited by corruption allegations linked to the bidding.

CONCACAF has not hosted the World Cup since the tournament was played at nine U.S. venues in 1994, and the region appears to be the leading contender for 2026, when soccer’s premier event expands from 32 nations to 48.

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