Prophet Muyideen Kasali of the Hour of Mercy Prayer ministry have revealed some very scary prophecies for both the ruling party and the government.

Prophet Kasali, who is the General Overseer of Hour of Mercy Prayer Ministry, warned the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) against mismanaging the electoral success it at­tained in the 2015 general election, according to reports from Daily Sun.

Speaking further, the blind prophet said,”This year would be a year of many political crises. The APC would split into four groups, and they would no longer have unity among them. They would be over bloated; too much success would destroy the party.”

On Nigeria’s president the blind prophet said President Buhari has good plans for Nigerians but would only achieve one and a half, unless Nigerians pray for him.

“Buhari called a meeting on repairing all the refineries, and Ni­gerians were jubilating but nothing happened in that sector till the year ended.

“Pray for Nigeria’s vice president so that the enemies would not triumph over him. So that he won’t get missing after leaving a meeting.

“This year, those who arrest people, would be the ones to be arrested. The hunter would become the hunt­ed, those said to be above the law, would collapse under the weight of the law.”

Speaking about Babatunde Fashola, the minister of pow­er, works and housing, Kasali said he needed prayers so his good name would be destroyed by those around him.

“I saw many sealed containers, which they said contained equipment for electric power. But when the containers were opened, they only contained torchlight, and candles etc.

“Electric poles would fall and cause fire outbreaks that would gut houses. 

“Without serious prayers, a lot of spoilers would destroy Fashola’s name. He must be careful with those he appoints as his advisers. 

“They would buy one thing many times, but the one that works would be missing. If he is wise, he should ask for the spirit of wisdom from God; if he gets that, he would succeed, but for him not to regret being a minister and being labeled a super thief, he must watch the people around him. 
“The sad thing is that he would not em­bezzle anything but those around him would do so. Operators in the kingdom of darkness are already working against the ministry which Fashola is heading,” he said.