A Ugandan government official have been buried with millions of shillings in order to bribe God in the afterlife.

The man identified as, Charles Obong, who planned to bribe God in other to enter heaven was buried with Ugandan Shillings 200 million (N17 million).

It was reported that the money was supposed to be used by the deceased to ask for forgiveness for his sins on earth.

In his will, Obong stated that the money had been deposited to his wife, asking her to put it in his coffin during his burial.

Obong who was buried in a metallic coffin estimated to have cost nearly N15 million, had also ordered in the will that his brother and sister should be present to ensure his wife follows his testament to the letter and secure the money in his coffin.

Obong died on December 17, 2016, and had written in his will that his wife deposit the money in his coffin during his burial.

The wife had also planned to bury him with another Ugandan Shillings 300 million (N25 million) so that he could enjoy it in heaven.

The money is also said would have been used by the deceased to ask for forgiveness for his sins on earth.

According to reports from The Daily Monitor, he was afraid that, as a government official, he would be condemned to hell fire.

“He planned to convey the money to God as an offertory so that the Almighty Father could forgive his sins and save him from hellfire,” a source close to the family says.

Sadly for Obong, he did not get the chance to send the money to God, as his clansmen exhumed the body and removed the money terming it as a taboo to bury someone with money.