Gambia’s current President, who lost his country’s last Presidential election have insistended on staying in office beyond his tenure until a court rules on his challenge to the outcome of this month’s election.

Yahya Jammeh, who has been in office for twenty years, has rejected the victory of opposition candidate Adama Barrow in the December 1 vote.

“Unless the court decides the case, there will be no inauguration (of Barrow) on the 19 January,” said Jammeh, who had initially conceded defeat but then lodged a complaint with the Supreme Court to overturn the result.

“What we are asking for is not for the IEC (Independent Election Commission) to declare me the winner, I cannot do that,” he said in a lengthy television address.

“Justice must be done and the only way justice can be done is to reorganise the election so that every Gambian votes. That’s the only way we can resolve the matter peacefully and fairly.”

He also took aim at the regional ECOWAS bloc which has called on Jammeh to accept the results, saying: “My rights cannot be violated and intimidated to a point where I succumb to blackmail.”